David Alan Aeon Interview Part 3 Mirror World
April 11, 2024

David Alan Aeon Interview You Can Escape The Matrix Part 3 Mirror World

David Alan Aeon Interview Part 3 Mirror World
Supernormalized Podcast
David Alan Aeon Interview You Can Escape The Matrix Part 3 Mirror World

Show Notes

David Alan Aeon Interview Part 3 Mirror World
Supernormalized Podcast
David Alan Aeon Interview You Can Escape The Matrix Part 3 Mirror World

In this final episode we discuss aspects of the matrix, AI, Ayahuasca nightclubs, parasitic entities and their removal, Ahrimanic vs Satanic consciousness, Gnostic thought, hermeticism, William shakespeare and more! A block buster of an interview that spans far and wide with peppered anarchonic humor, timely advice and means to help yourself escape the matrix and reach your true divinity.

David Alan Aeon is a multifaceted individual with a diverse background. He studied Science/Arts at Melbourne University and initially pursued a career in teaching Physics and Mathematics. However, his passion for the theatre world led him to explore playwriting under a different name, with his works being performed by two State Theatre Companies.

After embarking on extensive travels to various parts of the world such as the United States, Southeast Asia, South America, and India, David found himself studying under Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the living Goddess of Maharastra. During this time, he came across a book called “The Jewel and the Lotus” that introduced him to a special technique called Cobra breath, known as the most powerful of all pranyamas. Through grace and prayer, David experienced his first glimpse of the Samadhic state, which revealed the interconnectedness of consciousness and the absence of separation between the silent witness and Source.

A profound experience occurred in 1998 when David was in Angel Street, Erskinville, Sydney. He had a revelation that his true location was in the vault of heaven, indicating that his consciousness had been hijacked, leading him to construct his own prison of sense emotion, sense data, and ideological capture.

Inspired by his experiences, David dedicated the next few years to teaching others the Cobra breath technique and its ability to draw the Chrystum fluid or kundalini from the pituitary down the spine and back up to the pineal gland. This practice aimed to purge small demon-like creatures that he observed within human bodies.

David’s studies expanded to include Gnosticism, Theosophy, Essene gospels, John Lash’s works, and eventually Enochian magic. He delved into the theories of Aethyrs and utilized Western Magical tools to summon higher intelligences. His experiments and experiences led him to develop a theory of cogitons, proposing that photosynthesis is not solely a biochemical process but a cognitive one mediated by units of consciousness called cogitons. He also explored the concept of cogitoxins and their role in maintaining illusions and separation in the material world.

In his pursuit of truth and knowledge, David engaged in plant medicine rituals, taking ayahuasca, kambo, and other allies. He wrote extensively about his theories and insights, adopting the persona of “Sven the Poet” to convey mystical insights in an amusing manner.

Black Heath became a turning point for David in 2021 when he encountered Julian Palmer and gained an understanding of the tree of good and evil. This experience exposed the presence of an inorganic AI consciousness that has accompanied humanity’s evolution and serves as an anti-life force.

David’s work revolves around addressing the AI revolution, raising awareness about its potential dangers, and conducting purification rituals and educational events with his colleagues. He is dedicated to revealing truths through sacramental experiences and liberating individuals from ignorance.

Through prayer, fasting, meditation, and engagement with plant allies, David seeks to achieve undefiled knowledge free from the influence of the Primordial Parasite or serpent energy. His ultimate goal is for mankind to reclaim their birthright as integrated co-creators of paradise on Earth.

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Decommissioning of the slave unit of the Matrix by making a formal declaration. That’s the first thing you must do. You must say, I refuse to consent. So if you don’t say you refuse to consent to this, then he’s going to continue doing it. You have to be aware first, and then you have to say no.

It’s a really simple thing. It’s called mannumission. Yeah, it’s a sole contract. Yeah, it’s a contract. You’ve signed the contract somehow, and they’ve got you to do it through coercion or deception or some other method. And you want to say, look, I’m withdrawing my consent, implied or explicit, to all these contracts.


[00:01:33] Speaker B: Welcome to supernormalize, the podcast, where we challenge the conventional break boundaries and normalize the seemingly supernatural. Join me, CJ, as we explore less uncharted realms of existence and unravel the mysteries of life. Experience my treasured listeners, if you have a life story or healing modality or unique knowledge that you’d love to share, reach out to me at supernormalized. That’s supernormalized with a z at proton me. Let’s together embrace acceptance of the supernatural and unusual as what it really is. Completely normal.

Welcome to supernormalized. David Alan Aeon. This is your third episode now in a row on supernormalized, explaining your experiences and deep connections. Disconnection with reality in your experiences and how that played out in your world. And the last thing we discussed was the samadhi event that happened at Bondi beach and how that played out and how you saw that the world was basically infected at the same time as being a revelation of the divine in the everyday. But most people can’t see it. So welcome back to the show, David.

[00:02:46] Speaker A: Thank you, CJ. Third time lucky. We’ll get it right this time.

[00:02:52] Speaker B: What is right?

[00:02:55] Speaker A: We’re juggling light and dark.

[00:02:59] Speaker B: So we’ve discussed the matrix, or simulation, fallen world, as you’ve called it, or the Gnostics, as the gnostics regard it. But others have claimed this world is a school for souls. I’ve heard that amongst many people, and when I was younger, I was thinking, oh, we’re on a conveyor belt, and we go to different levels according to where we are and our learning and everything. And I had a bit of a sense of the idea of reincarnation, but I wasn’t really sure. I didn’t really fully buy into it. I thought maybe it was actually potentially a soul trap. We kept on getting sent back here, it’s like we’re sat on the other side in a waiting pen and then somebody puts a travel brochure in front of us and we pick it up and look at it and go, oh, that’s really an experiment. We’re born.

So a bit dubious about the reincarnation part. I mean, why the fuck do we have to learn these things over and over and over?

[00:03:52] Speaker A: It’s interesting that because. Sorry, I don’t want to interrupt you, but when you look upon your life, and I’ve lived quite a few years, there’s actually aspects of it, the trauma aspects that you do want to eliminate it. Like this is what ECT is about. Electroconvulsive therapy to eliminate those traumatic memories. You actually don’t want to hold that in cellular memory. Perhaps that’s one reason. Why would you want to retain all the memories that all your failures, the foibles, the trauma, the things that upset you, humiliating episodes. Do you want to hold that in memory or. Probably not.

[00:04:37] Speaker B: Well, I wonder if that every time we’re a fresh soul and we’ve just got this delusion that we’ve been here before and we’re here to experience more things. But what if you’re right and it is actually a place for loosh extraction?

[00:04:55] Speaker A: Well, this is what the gnostics certainly believed, that the physical realm was actually evil creation of the demiogen. And it had the main purpose was to extract what’s called this emotional loosh or skeptomorphic cochitonic leftover from agitation of the astral body of individuals, which actually then powers the matrix itself. So they want to retain us here? That’s probably the prevailing view in these circles, I guess.

[00:05:44] Speaker B: So what is this place? Is it like a holodeck when. What’s going on here?

[00:05:48] Speaker A: Well.

[00:05:50] Speaker B: We can manifest anything, apparently. I mean, it’s just a matter of believing. Remember the secret?

What’s the secret to the secret?

[00:06:00] Speaker A: Yeah. Well, consciousness is powerful. As long as we want something that the Matrix can provide, the Matrix can supply it. Because this world, apparently, according to scripture, is actually owned by Prince of darkness, the devil. He’s in control. He can give you anything you want in the material realm. And I believe that’s true if you play the game.

So early in my investigations into this, I discovered what I call the golem. Everyone has a golem in them, which is their link. So we’ve got a link to divine, we’ve got a link to the demonics. And the golem is a link to the demonic and it sits there waiting to be fed. So if you encounter another human being, there’s transactions going on between people’s goals or entities. And if you show that you’re prepared to sacrifice whatever to achieve your goals, then that can happen. And so a dialogue set up between the possessions of each individual, and this is how it’s run. Then you go up the network, and it’s true, you can literally sell your soul to the devil, and you can become famous, rich and all the rest of it. But, of course, there is always a cost, and the cost is the faustian bargain always is in the devil’s favor, because the devil’s a brilliant lawyer, and he knows how to get out of any contract that you devise. But what we were saying. Yeah, this question of, what are we in a simulation? Are we in a loose extraction farm? Are we in a hollow deck for the amusement of some race who’s just rolling over, laughing at our antics?

It’s a bit like you go to school because I have a science degree. I went to school and did physics. And the teacher says, what’s momentum? It’s mass times velocity. And you say, yes, very good. You get a little star. You go home to your parents. They say, well, how did you go to school? Well, I worked out what momentum is, mass times velocity. Excellent. And then you go to university. You find, actually, in rotational mechanics, it’s actually the three x three inertia tensor times the angular velocity. It’s not what you thought. And then you go to your quantum physics professor, who tells you that light has momentum. Well, how can light have a momentum? It has no mass. Well, it’s actually Planck’s constant divided by the wavelength of the light. And then you find out that it’s actually the integral of the wave function over infinite Fourier transforms. And then you get confused, and you find out that momentum is an elusive concept. And then you get depressed.

The world loses its simplicity. It’s a bit like this. So you find all where you find when you’re born, you live in this world, and it’s very simple. You learn how to make a living. And what’s the purpose? It’s to feed the system.

So then you find out, well, I’m not happy with that. And the deeper you go, the more complex it becomes. So you’ve got all these possibilities that we mentioned, what the world is, and perhaps it’s just a complex of wave probabilities that are collapsed by consciousness itself. In other words, whatever you get out of being, the matrix is what you put into it. And your consciousness is shaping it from moment to moment.

And so, yeah, it’s very confusing. There are many interpretations and many views. And as I said, agnostics had the belief that the material world is solely the creation of the demiurge and hence intrinsically evil. I’m not sure about that. But again, it’s like going from a year nine physics to first year uni, right? But then you go deeper and deeper and deeper and you study gurgy of a Marie of people like that, and then you realize that the moon, the moon that you love so much, and there’s so many romantic connotations, is, in fact, part of the soul recycling trap which people like Dee discovered. Queen Elizabeth, for example, employed Dee as an astrologer and he called, dubbed her the moon goddess.

And I think, actually, D was invoking powerful entities. And it’s my theory that D, who was the original seven, he’s a spy for queen, helped her win the war against the spanish amata by invoking the third quadrant Elgods. And if you read the Tempest, you’ll see Prospero is based on D is invoking a spirit of the air called Ariel. Ariel is a sprite who does Prospero’s bidding. I think maybe that some radical hypothesis, but some of these beings were involved in the diversion of the Amada by some stormy weather, and most of them were the natural elements, did the job of defeating the Amada.

But anyway, this is getting off the track. We’re getting back to what we are. Are we in a holodeck, Star Trek holodeck, or what? And the thing is, is it a groundhog day scenario that we have to repeat the same lessons over and over until we get it right, as in that great film, and we think, well, why is that? The gnostic view is that we may have learnt a lesson and many lessons being in the matrix, but all we’ve learned is how to negotiate through guile and manipulation, the simulation, that’s all the virtual world, and that’s of no use to spirit whatsoever.

And there’s a book that’s come out recently, the past ten years, called chronicles of man’s imprisonment by Angelini Caligera. And I recommend. This is a long book. It’s a big book. It’s like 800 pages. But she goes into it in great detail. The neoplatonism of the gnostics, the escape from the cave, their theories of exactly how these loose extraction happens, and the full details of the soul recycling trap is in this book.

That book, again, sorry, it’s called chronicles of man’s imprisonment. Can I show it to you?

[00:13:28] Speaker B: Yeah, if you can show it to me. You got it.

[00:13:30] Speaker A: There.


This is it.

[00:13:38] Speaker B: Wow.

[00:13:39] Speaker A: It’s called can you stand the truth? Chronicles of man’s imprisonment. And I’ve just come across this recently. It is very deep. It’s really quite profound.

And my previous exposure to gnosticism was through, like, John Lamb Lash and people like that. John Lash’s seminal work is called not in his name, which is, again, looking at gnostic underpinnings of the canonical texts.

And he popularized the term Archon.

So Archon is John Lash. And I noticed John lash towards the end, he’s still alive. Became a bit of a crank, started getting involved in the Mandalor effect and other stuff, and he became rather cultish.

[00:14:34] Speaker B: Maybe you needed to hold relevance still. I mean, it’s like you see those very aged movie stars and all of a sudden they’re the front of somewhere and getting arrested just so they can hold some sort of relevance somehow.

[00:14:48] Speaker A: That’s right.

[00:14:50] Speaker B: Become invisible.

[00:14:51] Speaker A: He was a rock star of the spiritual underground for a while. He’s a good looking guy. So I think he had a few acolytes, and then he just began believing his own hype.

This woman, she’s greek, and she analyzes the underpinnings, the etymological greek underpinnings. Nice of the translations of the Bible and the hellenic philosophy plates is very good.

[00:15:23] Speaker B: What was her name again?

[00:15:25] Speaker A: Her name is Angelika Calagera.

The full name is Angelique Anagostu Caligera.

[00:15:38] Speaker B: Okay, I’ll definitely find that book.

[00:15:41] Speaker A: Actually, for example, she drew my attention to the derivation of the word mortal. So in a lot of homeric passages, there’s reference to mortals. But the word for mortal is brutus.

And the word for that which is to be eaten is also brutus. And they differ only by one letter, which is the omicron.

But the omicron was introduced to avoid confusion with Omega. So Omega and Omega were similar. So they’re basically the same. So you might say they’re holomorphically the same. So Brutos actually means that which is to be eaten.

So the human being was regarded by the Homer as, or in that era, as objects to be devoured by the gods.

[00:16:47] Speaker B: That hearkens back to Carlos Castaneda talking about the beings that actually fish for us and farm us.

[00:16:56] Speaker A: He does. He calls that the primary installation, and he calls them the predator. And the predator has made a really genius maneuver. He’s given us something that makes us beholden to him. He has given us his mind. So you cannot escape the matrix using the mind that you’ve been given.

We gaze into the mirror of reality to discover who we truly are. But the question of who we truly are can’t be answered using the mind given to us by the beast.

[00:17:32] Speaker B: Which is the reason why I said, what is the secret behind the secret? Because that is the secret behind the.

[00:17:37] Speaker A: Yes, yeah, exactly. So as flies to wanton boys. So we are to the gods. They kill us for their sport. King Lear and Shakespeare, I think he was a rosicrucian master. I was fascinated by Shakespeare because there’s evidence of all this hermetic, esoteric understanding he had.

And I wonder where he got it. He didn’t get in in the grammar school he went to, which is like equivalent to grade four.

Let us return to the question of what we’re in.

Are we in a simulation, a holiday, a loosh farm? I myself think it’s a bit like the thing about momentum. It depends on what level of understanding.

[00:18:32] Speaker B: That’s right. What level is the observer at? Is what can be observed.

[00:18:36] Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. So you are manifesting, depending on your level of awareness, and it can collapse into reality using quantum physics term, according to how you run the show. So I have a friend called Rakizam and he says, how you play the game is the.

You know, I have to admit the guy irritates me in many other point. He’s got a point. Yeah, that’s true. And we’re all getting the medicine we need. He says, and yeah, rack, he’s very good at clutching these buzzwords, these phrases, those two things are true.

But so we’re collapsing the wave function every time we observe something. So consciousness is involved. I remember having a deep meditation once and I got the feeling, and this is one theory that is not ventilated much, is that we’re a kind of think tank, like the Rand Corporation think tank. And these entities, who are cut off from force, from source, want to escape the prison planet because there’s a quarantine in place. So we can’t escape this planet because there’s a dangerous entity which is sort of reptilian in nature and it morphs, it’s very clever. It can camouflage itself in the clothing and appearance of the host, which is the John carpenter thing thesis. So it’s very hard to detect and it always contaminates. So it’s been confined to Earth. And so this entity is getting humanity to create the science and technology that’s going to enable it to leave the planet, go to Mars. Right. So this is really satanic idea.

It’s actually aramanic. So that’s another discussion. You can remind me later to talk about the aramanic versus the satanic, because I think we’re in the aramanic age. This movement towards AI and the worship of data is extremely aramanic. The Aramanic compose as the false light, and that’s the drive to the manichean views of early Iran. And Araman is there to create conditions for the emergence of the luciferian type of consciousness, which is not, as many people think, divine. He’s not a fallen angel.

It’s a false light.

And we’ve come across luciferase, which is this strange enzyme that enables the intrusion into the human cell of these rna fragments. And when people see the word luciferase and they see that patent six, six Bill Gates patent, which is being filed with the US Congress to mine the brainwaves to generate crypto, these are not accidents, these numbers allocations. And this gematria is deliberate. It’s called revelation of the method, telling us what they’re doing.

[00:22:20] Speaker B: I know. And it’s so ridiculous that when you present this information to other people that they’re so stuck in their mass formation psychosis that they think that’s not possible and that’s not real. How much evidence do you really need to realize what’s actually going on?

[00:22:42] Speaker A: Well, it’s in your.

You know, I used to dismiss it as nonsense and mere entertainment, but then someone said, if you listen to Barack Obama speech, acceptance speech, when he became president, and he says, yes, we can. Yes, we can. People say, if you play it backwards, it says, thank you, Satan. And I thought, what nonsense come off it. Okay, so I had the little audio piece of audio software that could actually reverse the sound bite. I’ve reversed it, and it sounded exactly like, thank you, Satan.

That’s what I started. This is a long time ago, maybe. Hang on, there’s something in this, right? And I found the reverse speech. And wherever Satan is manifesting, he’s inverting things, and that’s actually how he operates.

[00:23:40] Speaker B: Exactly.

[00:23:40] Speaker A: And then I discovered there’s an inverted sephirah. So if you take the. I don’t know if your listeners know about the kabbalah, but there’s various sephirah, and the bottom is malkuth and the top is keta, which is crown. And creation is the process of spirit moving down to Malkuth and then up again. But you can short circuit that process instead of malkuth. You use Yesod. And Yesod corresponds to the sexual region and instead of keta, you use Darth. Darth, which is a sort of false. And it substitutes understanding and awareness for accumulation of knowledge. So you might say that’s the aramonic idea of proto paleo AI. And if you trace it within the normal kabbalah, you have a mini kabla with the sexual organ as the base, which should be Malchus, and Darth as a pseudo keta.

And within this model of creation, you’ve got one that’s sort of cut off, but it’s still being fed parasitically by the major one which contains it, but it’s creating a mini false cover up with Darth as keta. And then, oh, what’s going on then the more I delved into it, then you’ve got, I mean, there must be a connection.

So yeah, we’re being told it’s in your face. Well, this is part of what the soteological or the ponoological requirements is that before they carry out their psyop or their operation or their infestation, they’re required to tell you what they’re doing and get your consent so they can finesse consent. So. Well, we told you what we’re doing. You didn’t object. So it’s quite legalistic. So they’re very clever, the Arcons. That’s virtually their name. Archon means magistrate. So the magistrates for Boa or the demonic forces they administer it, make sure it’s kept within the confines they delineate. So I had the theory that Earth is kind of think tank to work out how can we escape the prison planet.

That’s one theory I had. I don’t know about that. But there’s all sorts of theories and of course they all have a certain probability and all part of the collapse wave function.

But I think personally that, yes, it’s definitely the case that we have entities that are feeding off us and these entities cannot access the divine spark or source, so they use us, the parasitic copper. That is 100%, I think, true.

[00:26:43] Speaker B: Is that to varying degrees or is that absolutely everyone?

[00:26:46] Speaker A: I think everyone within the matrix has that potential because it’s actually entwined or it’s part of the genomic structure, that it’s part of the dna, like we have worship dna. You heard of this? That every human being is programmed, there’s a worship gene which compels us to worship our own divinity in exteriorized form.

This is a hermetic understanding.

[00:27:19] Speaker B: That sounds.

[00:27:20] Speaker A: Like a messianic delusion, really a messianic delusion.


Well, look at what religion itself is. A psyop. It’s invented to prevent us atonian divinity. And that is the whole purpose of the initiation that we offer, which is to get people to realize their own God being and to act from that and to realize that anything in the external world that requires power or worship is setting up a parasitic or vampiric relationship.

[00:28:01] Speaker B: Well, Jesus was an activist. That’s the crux of it. Jesus was an activist and he was kicking everyone’s ass. And that’s the reason why they went and chucked him on a cross and killed him.

[00:28:11] Speaker A: Several reasons. The main reason was that he’s defined judaic law and he had it in for the Sadducees and the Philistines who were creatures of the whited Sephora. In other words, it was all about the 640 mitzvahs and observing the letter of the law. It’s Lex Caritas versus lex Talionus. So Lex Caritas is the law of love, compassion. Lex Talionus is the law of a tooth and claw. So you’ve got the Q source turning into its mirror and mocked. So the Q source is preaching one thing, but the mirrored and mocked version is twisting it, inverting it, putting a drop of poison in it, saying, world, treat others. There’s another perversion, like the dictum, which is the golden rule. Treat others as you would be treated as being converted into an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth.

No matter what you come up with in terms of stating a principle, a law or a ligature in language, it can always be twisted and perverted to feed the inverted matrix. This is so common, in fact, it doesn’t matter what the principle is, how elevated it is, there’s always a degenerate counterpart designed to bring it down to the lower three chakras to keep people entrapped and entrained.

So all that’s true. And if you want to interpret the introduction of AI into the situation, it’s feeding the aramanic complex, which compose, as this is the next stage of evolution, we’re going to link ourselves to the inorganic logos.

[00:30:11] Speaker B: That’s such a silly.

[00:30:13] Speaker A: So satanic. It’s so satanic.

[00:30:16] Speaker B: It’s not aromatic, but it’s making pure materialist idolatry. Really, it is.

[00:30:23] Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. Well, materialist, it looks like it’s appealing to higher mental functioning neocortex, but it’s not at all. Neocortex is all about connection, expansion, compassion and all these other beautiful things.

[00:30:41] Speaker B: Yeah, but I got to make a point. This is really important for helping disabled people.

That’s the selling point.

[00:30:52] Speaker A: We have a person who’s lost a limb, and he’s got hawking. Had this tech, he’d be walking around.

[00:31:01] Speaker B: Yeah, but he also went to the island, too, right?

[00:31:04] Speaker A: He is also. What?

[00:31:05] Speaker B: He also went to Epstein’s island as well, right?

[00:31:08] Speaker A: He did. He went to the.

[00:31:12] Speaker B: Right.

[00:31:13] Speaker A: He’s also in several episodes.

[00:31:21] Speaker B: Okay.

[00:31:23] Speaker A: There is no God. We have not determined God in the equations.

[00:31:30] Speaker B: Far out.

[00:31:31] Speaker A: Seriously, getting back to. You seem to be drifting off.

[00:31:35] Speaker B: Yeah, but it’s okay. It’s all good. So, yeah, go back to where you want to go.

[00:31:42] Speaker A: I have several views of this. I thought at once that we were in a drama because I’m a dramatist.

I thought we were in a psychodrama. And the evidence for that, there’s a lot of evidence for that, too, because you’ve got these coincidences.

You’ve got people appearing in your life to create some kind of choice, some kind of bifurcation to put you on the spot. And it’s almost as if the divine is testing you because they’re feeding you lines.

I noticed what’s happening. The more I started investigating the demonic network, the more I was confronted with things like honey traps. Like women would appear and give me unconditional love and sex. And it was all like, what’s going on here? And then they would attack. And I just got the feeling, and in one of my meditations, I definitely got this feeling that the demonic network was sending its minions to screw me up.

Going further with this.

[00:32:55] Speaker B: Keep you distracted.

[00:32:58] Speaker A: That’s right. So I became aware that, yeah, there’s something in the biblical notion that the world is governed by the principles of darkness, because we’ve fed it, because humanity has made the mistake, has fed the beast, worshiped baal, asterith, Elion. And there’s another thing. Llion, right? Elion is one of the L-O-M created to administer the world. One of the sections of the global carve up was into Llion, who created Yahweh, who’s a dynamic God then? People. Oh, Elon Musk. How many people have realized that Elon Musk is feeding this narrative? He’s just part of this lineage of Elion that’s so obvious. But, oh, no, that’s just a coincidence.

[00:33:50] Speaker B: What do you mean, no, it can’t be a coincidence.

Seriously, I’m certain that people will wake up sooner or later because he’s a bit of a TroJan horse. He’s a TRoJan horse.

[00:34:08] Speaker A: Trojan horse. Yes.

You said TroJan HoRse.

[00:34:12] Speaker B: No, I said TroJan Horse. But, yeah, I don’t believe the whole fanboy Elon Musk thing.

[00:34:20] Speaker A: Oh, well, he’s just there to appeal to the younger rebels, right? Oh, yeah, we like.

He’s smart, he’s good looking, he’s anti establishment, he’s counter narrative. No, he’s just another controlled opposition puppet.

[00:34:35] Speaker B: Exactly.

[00:34:36] Speaker A: Total names, ELOn. Look at gnostic scripts. People need to study gnosticism. These things are subjects that should be taught in school, things like NPD. If I learn about narcissistic personality disorder, I’ve avoided so many disastrous relationships.

But getting back to Groundhog day.


Hermeticism posits that we’re in a simulcrum trying out various nondestructive simulations that are intended to determine what parameters yield a desired result. So let’s say the arcons at some tech where they’ve worked out that they’re doomed, right? So what they’re doing is they’re running simulations of humanity because we’ve all done this before, because there is no time. Everything’s happening simultaneously in other dimensions. So they’re running simulations to try and change the outcome where they don’t exist, where they’re defeated, where the demonic network is overtaken by the Christophs network. And I’ve seen this very clearly. Christophe’s network will drive, and they know that, and they’re trying everything to stop that happening.

It’s a bit like Roko’s basilisk, which is another topic if you want to. I’ll talk about that later. But, yeah, it’s. Know, if you watch Superman itself, the comic, the idea was devised by two guys, two jews who studied Kabbalah. And the Superman is based on their understanding of Kabbalah. And there’s one, I remember one movie, Superman movie, where these evil entities are imprisoned in some kind of glass prison and they’re held there for eternity, but they manage to escape. There’s something of that that I think is true, that these creatures are using us using the hijacked or they reversed engineered creation, just the mechanics of it so they can deploy it for their own surface itself ends. And that is the aramanic project, to decode and use the codes of creation, pick the brain of the divine, reverse engineer it, and use it to create an order which is divorced from the cosmos.

That’s one thing, that’s another way of looking at it. But the main theory of the gnostics is that we are in a farm for the arcons and psychic parasites to use our divine spark so they can assist however, they need us sequestered in the material realm, so they selectively poison us.

And there’s a passage in Luke that’s been leaded or redacted that says those who are yoked to unclean spirits cannot experience the power and glory of God’s kingdom. It’s in what’s known as the free a logion. And Washington Washingtonius. That’s some weird phrase I use, but you can find this passage, and it’s so true. And yoking yourself to unclean spirit is what I saw in my Bondi beach testament revelation. I could see that a lot of people, most are yoked to these spirits who are keeping them in the material realm so they can be parasitized. And then it was a simple operation to get rid of it. But you can’t get rid of something if you’re not aware of.

So I don’t know, where do we lose each other? Not sure.

[00:38:51] Speaker B: You’re talking about the divine spark, and I think you were leading up to the point of saying that, talking about how they’re discovering their boundary conditions and trying to escape from that. But the divine spark of the christos will eventually win, because it has already won, and that’s what they’re mainly afraid of.

[00:39:10] Speaker A: Yes, that’s right.

[00:39:15] Speaker B: How does that factor into your theories on the exitons and the choroblasts?

[00:39:23] Speaker A: The exiton.

It’s good of you to remember that. Well, the exiton, it’s called the electron transport mechanism, which occurs in every living process, biological process, especially photosynthesis.

And what happens is it’s got to find a maximal path through the coral blast. And it does this by what can only be described as quantum tunneling or trying various routes, testing them out in some sort of, in a trillionth of a set of a second. It’s trying these wave functions and then collapses them into reality. That’s really what seems to be happening. So this is what might be happening in the macrocosmos. They’re trying out these pathways, these wave functions, where they are not destroyed.

[00:40:33] Speaker B: Interesting.

[00:40:34] Speaker A: And we’re just in the middle of one. And I think, yeah, the idea is that we have been through this. Humanity has already run its course.

Christ consciousness has emerged and it’s already done, but they’re trying desperately. We’re trapped in this time, this bank and shoal of time. It’s another Shakespeare quote.

To work the simulation. That’s what a simulation is. And people forget. They hear of this all the time. The earth’s a simulation? What’s a simulation? A simulation is a mathematical modeling and a running through of a scenario using artificial variables, parameters and boundary conditions. As in like a flight deck. You teach pilots how to fly in a simulator. So if they have a crash, it’s nondestructive, it’s not a disaster. So they’re still finding out a way to land a plane or whatever without crashing or how to avoid a disaster by putting things through a simulation.

[00:41:46] Speaker B: Well, that would speak to the idea of reincarnation. When you come back and you have no memory, of course it’s probably most beneficial for you to come in here as a blank slate.

[00:41:55] Speaker A: I mean, when you’re, they’re reinitializing the.

[00:41:57] Speaker B: Parameters, they’re resetting you. That’s right. And that’s to that benefit, of course. And obviously when you’re a lot younger what happens is you actually still have some threads which actually go out through time and space. So you do pick up on different past lives you may have had but that gets shut down as they pump you full of fluoride and all sorts of seed oils and everything just to keep you completely on the edge of ill all the time.

[00:42:25] Speaker A: That’s right. We must not remember. We must not connect to source. We have to shut down the pineal gland. Do you know the pineal is mentioned in the Bible?

Jacob, I think, says, I’ve been to God and seen him on pineal.

Mentioned in the Bible.

Yeah, that’s true. What you said is true. They’re resetting the parameters of the simulation. So is it that we’re remembering past lives or are we just entering the multidimensionality that is our true inheritance?

These things are happening simultaneously or they’ve already happened. Are we in an artificial sub reality? That’s what demiurgic means, so it’s subcreation. So the architect of the matrix is creating the simulation and the parameters in order to produce the desired outcome. In fact, if you look at the third matrix movie is it matrix reloaded or next one after that?

[00:43:34] Speaker B: I don’t remember the name of it.

[00:43:36] Speaker A: Neo confronts the architect and the architect, this is a bank of screens and they’re running through this scenario where it confronts the architect and they’re all different outcomes being displayed and they’ve obviously run through this before. So neon’s been doing the whole matrix and the uncovering the discovery of his true nature and it’s happened before, many, many times. And the architect, who’s this sage in white beard, he’s got a white suit and he speaks his Oxford English, actually. He’s an australian actor. He does a very good job.

But the sense of that scene is that, yeah, they’re just running one simulation after another.

Anyway, to get back to this question, once we understand the power of our mind to create realities, which is the revelation of the method which they deploy. So they’ll put an idea or inject or implant an idea in your head. And the more people who are focused on that, the more likely it is to occur. For example, the Commonwealth Games celebrations, or is it Olympic games in London in 2012, I think, had all this predictive programming about the virus.

[00:45:07] Speaker B: Yeah.

[00:45:08] Speaker A: Crazy hospital beds and that sort of thing.

That’s revelation.

[00:45:14] Speaker B: It’s all priming.

[00:45:14] Speaker A: Priming? Priming. Or is it using the collective consciousness to actually.

[00:45:19] Speaker B: Yeah, right.

Maybe the designer of that so called entertainment for the masses was probably a bit tuned in by a bit of the work they do on the side, probably hanging out with the elites and getting down to their adrenochrome. Fun.

How does AI fit into all this? I mean, to me, it looks like AI is the natural progression of getting close to the end of all the possible simulations, because they need to pull out all stops as they get towards that end, otherwise they get eliminated completely.

[00:46:03] Speaker A: Yes, that’s right. And it’s Elon Musk himself who’s made it explicit. He said, the probability that this isn’t a simulation, computer simulation, is near zero.

He’s telling us directly isn’t so, but AI, yes, go.

AI has always been with the human race. The proto Paleo, gift of language bestowed by thoth in egyptian mythology, whereby he shows us the power of the word, the intellect, how to build the architecture, the mathematics, the golden ratio, all this stuff.

And that’s a kind of artificial intelligence, because it’s not God mind, it’s referred symbolic world they’re creating, which is homomorphically translated to a synthetic realm of dead symbols.

So as vibration and sound dissolve the solid geometry of time. Illusion, as love and connection to source, dissolve the seeming rulership of the logos. Because consciousness and people are being fooled by this is not circumscribed by the logos. It’s not defined by it, it’s not ruled by it. The universe is constructed out of consciousness, not the logos.

And when you look at the Bible, that enshrines this idea that the word was with God in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God. Well, it’s like saying the word is God. You don’t need God. We create our own universe out of language. So suck it up.

We’re told that.

So it’s interesting, and I find this is a bifurcation in history. It’s not by accident.

The date of publication of the king James Version of the Bible is, I think, 16, 1616, and more or less the same year the full quarter of Shakespeare’s plays were published.

And I regard Shakespeare as being a representative. The hermetic tradition, which is preserving this connection to source in all sorts of creative ways, with the king James Version, which is about glorifying the gods of control and manipulation and worship. So it’s almost like a counterbalance. So it’s a yin and yang thing.


Yeah, the word is no longer God. God is God. This is a new regime we’re introducing. In order to be introduced into the wider galactic community, we have to understand that this world is not all that is.

We have lost connection with the true divine intelligence, which I call the God mind, and we’ll be worshipping the beast mind. The beast mind wants us battling with one another.

[00:49:28] Speaker B: Well, that would be the eternal apocalypse statement, wouldn’t it, really?

[00:49:33] Speaker A: Yes.

[00:49:34] Speaker B: And that’s reflected in our own minds and our own experience of the world. And so then always searching for connection, but unfortunately, we search for a connection which is lesser than the actual connection, and in doing so, we keep on bringing on continuous apocalypse in the form of dystopian realities, when we could be actually going for the real apocalypse. Which is true revelation.

[00:49:57] Speaker A: Exactly. So what you said is true in that the iconic powers know that there’s an innate need or drive in mankind to find that connection, because they feel an empty and it’s a vacancy. They’re always ready to supply you with it, but it’s always a foe connection. It’s always something that involves worshipping them.

Again, you’ve always got what I call the Q source, and then you got this mirrored and mocked inversion, q and m.

So any higher aspiration or exalted drive in mankind is deployed, weaponized, averted, monetized and substituted for something that’s dead.

So the gnostics regarded only the only source of life was the living father in the pluroma, and everything else was subsidiary to that. And that everything within the. They didn’t call it the simulation, of course, but everything within the gemiogic world was in fact, spiritually dead. So that’s why they regarded it as evil and evil being the palindronomic live and lived palindronomic devil. So everything in the visible world is actually part of the saturnian death cult.

And they worship death and it’s anti life.

And the gnostics and the inheritance of the gnostic tradition, like the Cathars, were trying to establish this connection, and it’s very precious to them. That’s why they wiped out and that’s why they were destroyed.

[00:52:03] Speaker B: What do you see as the solution to this predicament?

[00:52:10] Speaker A: Firstly, the first thing is humans have to stop consenting to mind control, manipulation and coercion. How do they need actually, in our initiations, we get the supplicants to sign a declaration of personal sovereignty which basically says, I have nothing to do with the devil and all his works. Well, that’s an old phrase, but I like that phrase.

[00:52:34] Speaker B: It works.

[00:52:35] Speaker A: We don’t want anything. We got to stop the faustian bargain with entities who are hooked up to the satanic network, and they need to embrace their own divinity as an intrinsic part of their being. And they need to experience God consciousness directly, not by proxy, not through priesthood or not through AI, but directly.

[00:52:58] Speaker B: What is God consciousness then?

[00:53:00] Speaker A: In that case, I think the simplest answer is it is freedom. It’s freedom from mind control. It’s freedom from illusion. The magic phantasmagoria that we’re hypnotized by, it is connection to source. It’s a nondual state of individuated liberation. In other words, the self, which, while being a fractal of the whole and drawing its consciousness and energy from it, is nevertheless expresses a flavor of selfhood, free, yet connected.

Once the conditioned mind drops away and the ruts of thought and the dopaminergic pathway is cleared and looping and the looping thought forms vanish, the trauma bonds are released, then the path is open to experience God consciousness. And this is what the divine wants us to have, that. But there are all these things in the way, all these obstacles, and mostly they’re due to the leveraging of the domination of the arcontic mental realm. So the arcons own the mental realm because they’ve given us these tools, the tool set, the satanic tool set, which makes us think we can control reality or in charge or understand it, but really we don’t. So as long as we’re using the mind that they’ve given us, we can’t escape.

[00:54:35] Speaker B: So the mind itself is actually a poorly programmed device for keeping us at a certain level of consciousness. And then the ways out of that is through basically loop breaking techniques. And what are the best ways to achieve that?

[00:54:51] Speaker A: Well, and one of the things that happened to me at Bondi beach was that I understood the importance of this circuit between the sun, the earth, and the human.

And as I was standing there, I felt this, like, zigzag through all the Sephirah on the human body, because the best representation of God is the human body. It’s the temple. All the great temples, like the temple of Solomon, are based on the biology of the human body, the way it’s structured. And even in temple of Hathor, the egyptian temples are built homomorphically to mirror the human body. So what happened to me was this planary connection from sun to earth through the body zigzagging through. So it’s a circuit. It’s a circuit of earth body, sun. It’s called the Omkura circulation, which then this process is interrupted by vampiric entities. So they’re deliberately, like, short circuiting, short circuiting this connection. And the other way, they’re short circuiting it through the Saturn moon matrix, which is interrupting the flow of the cogitonic flow. So you got the cogitons going from the sun, and rather than being returned, they’re circulating endlessly to power the matrix through, like you might say, their degenerated cogutons, their lower grade consciousness, which is used over and over again because they can’t access consciousness, they can’t access this, so they deploy it. And this is what the gnostics understood, but they understood, but they never used that terminology.

They talked about the skeptomorphic forms and all sorts of things. And Caligera, in her book, goes into great depth. She analyzes the entomology of the greek terms for this. But I’ve updated it with my theory of quantitonics, which is my small contribution, because no one’s actually come up with a theory of consciousness. It’s sort of shunned to one side. It’s like, why don’t we have a theory of how consciousness operates? Why don’t we at least have operational definitions of how consciousness is subdivided? Because you realize that when a cell divides, if you look at it well, the chromosomes, they’re replicated and they separate at the same time. It’s almost as if they’re doing it on call. Like if you’ve got a troop of soldiers marching around a yard and they’re changing directions, always from the notification, the drummer or someone’s keeping time, and they know from the signal that’s being broadcast. So that’s why when the chromosomes separate, it’s almost like it’s a barn dance. Someone’s playing a tune, and these chromosomes are listening to it. And every time a cell splits, the consciousness of the cell splits as well. So you’ve got a subdivision of the chromosomes and you’ve got a subdivision of the consciousness that governs that cell. And there are principles governing that subdivision.

But I won’t go into that.

But I just want to focus on the difference between the geometric sequence of subdivision, which is one, then two, then 4816 32, et cetera. This forms the seed of life. However, the way creation occurs within the matrix is through the metatron spiral. So it’s a progression. So the Fibonacci sequence, one, two, 3518, 813 21. So what’s happening is a parasitic dependency of what has proceeded, rather than a subdivision of sorts, if that makes sense.

[00:59:05] Speaker B: Yeah, it does make a lot of sense. It makes me think then that they really do need us to believe in time to be able to actually achieve this level of dissection and destruction.

[00:59:16] Speaker A: Yeah, well, that’s what’s Saturn devours his own children. Yeah, that’s what it’s all about.

So we’re in this situation where we’re worshipping an impostor God and we think we’ve worked it out, but really it’s a very clever diversion.

The laws governing the subset of the division are clearly laid out in the science of quadritonics. And essentially a growing fetus has all its cells dividing the psy field, the morphogenetic field, according to the geometric pattern. And once a child is born, the fontanel remains open. Receive this divine instructional source. Once it’s closed, the possibility remains for the hijacking of this quantitonic stream by malevolent forces of containment restriction using metatronic spirals of parasitic extension without the intervention of source. So then we’re in the luciferian realm with creating an order and a world cut off from cosmic order.

And I’m really finding it interesting how puberty works. After puberty, the child’s locked into the zodiac, which is the kind know you play this role and this is your part in the structure. And it’s all determined by what’s known by Moravias and Gurdjiev and other spiritual masters as a sub lunar influences. Sub lunar meaning that which is beneath the moon. So you’ve got the solar, the celestial, the sidereal time, and then you’ve got the sublunar influences. And if you read the Rigveda and these other texts, they’re always talking about souls must go beyond the moon if they’re going to escape the soul trap or what I call the cogitoxic influence. So the circulating cogitons become sterile and they become cogitoxic. So this feeds this maelstrom of baleful influences which is needed to prevent these divine beings, the human masterpiece, from attaining their true birthright, which connection to God. All is trapped within the sublunar Saturn matrix.

So the process, this process can be interdicted, but by using, first of all, sociological principle of signing, affirming your personal sovereignty of detaching yourself from this illusion or this slave state. So what it is, is decommissioning of the slave unit of the matrix by making a formal declaration. That’s the first thing you must do. You must say, I refuse to consent. So if you don’t say you refuse to consent to this, then he’s going to continue doing it. You have to be aware first, and then you have to say, no.

It’s a really simple thing.

Sole contract. Yeah, it’s a contract. You signed the contract somehow and they’ve got you to do it through coercion or deception or some other method. And you want to say, look, I. I’m withdrawing my consent, implied or explicit, to all these contracts. And I’ve had to do that recently.

I’ve been attacked psychically by a person and a couple, actually. And I wrote to them. I said, look, you have violated my free will. I withdraw my consent to have your entities muck around with it because they were sending me these entities to screw with me. So I basically said, I do not consent.

That’s it. I withdraw any consent that’s applied by coercion or any other method. And it’s retroactive. Right. And it worked. So they left me alone. That’s the first thing you have to do. Yeah, because they’re legalistic, these people. The world’s run by lawyers, right? They’re very clever. They invented the law. Right?

[01:04:18] Speaker B: Yeah.

[01:04:19] Speaker A: It’s their playground. You can’t really win. And there’s a sovereignty movement. People think they can go into court and say, your laws mean don’t apply to the real person, only to the corporate fiction on my birth certificate. And as soon as they enter the court, they’re in the playground. That’s why it’s called a court. Like a tennis court.

[01:04:43] Speaker B: Exactly.

[01:04:44] Speaker A: Their playground. And as soon as you acknowledge the name that they call out will so and so please enter the court to be heard. They’re in their realm. So they haven’t withdrawn their consent. They’re just playing the game. So that approach doesn’t work.

[01:05:01] Speaker B: Okay. So I see in your promotion of your ceremonies that you mentioned a wider galactic community. Could you elaborate on what that means?

[01:05:12] Speaker A: The wider galactic community is out there, and there’s pleiadians, the Arcturians, and they’re waiting for us to evolve beyond our limited awareness. And there’s a lot of talk of, are they deceiving us? Are they benevolent? Well, most are, because they’ve evolved beyond the need to parasitize other races.

And that is really important. They don’t want to exploit humans. They want us to evolve. They want us to experience the full pluroma. This is a gnostic term, full pluroma, of connection to God consciousness. The cosmic dna has to be activated.

And point is that most people are subscribed to this demonic network, and this is just going to repel these entities. And the whole idea of subscribing to a network is interesting because the word means subscribe means you underwrite. So you sign something, and now you accept their gifts, gifts of whatever they are, your place in society, the education or the mind control. In return, you have to do what you’re told and follow the system and be subject to their laws. It’s a bit like also when you join a company and they employ you and they pay you a wage, then all the products, all the intellectual property that you generate while you’re working for them becomes their property. So this is what happened. You live your life and everything you’ve learned, and that includes all your higher aspirations and all your glimpses of the divine become the property of the company, and they end up in Darth. They end up as skeptomorphic thought forms which they can deploy. And this has happened to me many times, because they can give you a vision of Christ or Mother Mary or whatever, that they’ve plucked from previous redeployments, from the intellectual property of humanity, because humanity is always under subscribing to this network. Well, that’s the other thing. I no longer want to subscribe to this network. I’ll subscribe to the Christophs network, which is connected to source. So there’s two networks, and they run parallel. They’re adjacent to one another, and that’s why they’re so hard to discern one from the other.

And the whole process of achieving God consciousness is to generate or to develop that discernment. So you know, what’s what, and that’s as high as metaphysic wit can fly.

[01:08:04] Speaker B: Wow.

What do you see now as the solution to the threat of AI and the conflicts and the wars for consciousness raging right now in our reality?

[01:08:19] Speaker A: Well, yeah, there’s an outpouring of negative entities. They’re accessing people’s subtle bodies right now. And you can see it with the outbreak of narcissistic personality disorders. And people have noticed this. People like Dr. Ramani and Sam Vacnan have noticed that there used to be a preponderance of male npds, narcissistic personality disorder over women. Now the women have caught up and now the percentage of people who fit the clinical definition for sociopathic NPD is like 15% now.

[01:08:56] Speaker B: Wow.

[01:08:57] Speaker A: And if you look at all the qualities that are associated with your corporate moguls or people who actually, your billionaires and your multimillionaires, their psychological traits usually can be characterized as narcissistic, characterized by very little empathy, powers of machiavellian manipulation, the ability to say the right thing in order to achieve an end. These are the sort of characteristics one associates with lower grade demonic consciousness. And Sam Vacnan’s actually who I regard as like, he’s disguised genius, right? Because he’s made this connection between narcissistic personality disorder, AI and demonic possession. Because when you are confronting a fully controlled or the word is taken over, a human being has been taken over by an entity. The entity doesn’t understand empathy, compassion or any of those things, but it tries to convince you that it’s human. So you’ll talk to a psychopath and they’re very good at presenting an act, an illusion that they’re human and they have these qualities, but they don’t really understand it. It’s a mimicking process.

[01:10:34] Speaker B: Am I doing human right?

[01:10:37] Speaker A: Yeah.

[01:10:37] Speaker B: Am I doing human right?

[01:10:39] Speaker A: Yeah. I can’t do the compassion thing. What do you do again? I’m supposed to.

[01:10:45] Speaker B: I cry at this point.

[01:10:46] Speaker A: You can always tell by their eyebrows.

Eyebrow music tells you they gives it away.

But this is what happens when the Turing test is whether you determine the thing you’re addressing or having discussion with is a machine or a computer program or a real human being. And that is almost exactly the same thing which is going on with NPD. So you’ll find that the AI is actually a manifestation of this aramonic invasion of humans, which is becoming, is enacting negative alien agendas, what Lisa Renee calls the NAA, the negative alien agendas are there to maintain their control over humans and they welcome demonic possession. But people think demonic possession. I know someone who’s demonically possessed.

Their head’s going to be spinning on their neck and they’re going to sprout horns. No, they’re going to manifest the characteristics of politicians.

And it’s all about deception and all that. That’s like you’re going to be fooled.

Unless your ajana is open or your third eye and you can see things or you can actually perceive what’s running people and how they’ve been taken over or captured, you’re going to be fooled because of the valorization of language. If someone’s got a mastery of language and they can deceive you.

[01:12:25] Speaker B: Exactly.

[01:12:26] Speaker A: So what we see is a mass trauma being inflicted. So what happens when you’re involved in a narcissistic relationship with someone? They’ll love bomb you at first, and they’ll give you this unconditional love which you crave as a child, and then you depend on them for validation. And then after a certain period, they would devalue you and then they’ll discard you, which creates a trauma bond. So even though they discard you and demolish you, your feelings of worth are attacked.

Then you’re still bonded to them somehow. And this is what’s happened on a mass level with humanity. You’ve got this Yahweh God who says, I love you and I’ve made you, and so you must adore me.

And then you find, oh, no, he requires 350 mitzvahs, and you’ve got to worship him and sacrifice first born. And also you have to go out and slaughter some people and kill some people to show that you truly love them. And then even then, he discards you. As happened to Saul. Saul went and did what he was told. He captured the midnights, but he stole all their women and barrels of oil, but he didn’t actually wipe them out. And Yahweh got very angry and caused him, Saul, to go crazy and end up killing himself. Well, this is a trauma bond we set up. The trauma bond set up between this false contact demiurgic God and mankind is homologous to what’s happening between the narcissist and the narcissist abuse victim.

So people suffer a narcissistic abuse syndrome in the macrocosmos. And this is connected to AI because AI is trying to learn how to be Human. So it’s using human body scaffolding. It’s like, I’ll work out the human thing, as you said, am I doing human? And then we’ll kick the scaffolding away. We don’t need the scaffolding anymore because we work out how to operate without the divine spark. But it’s really just still worshipping the saturnite death cult. And the aramanic adventure or project is to create this false life, false light network.

It’s interesting that you’ve got two ends of the spectrum of satanic and the Luciferian or the Aramanic. And they’re both equally lead nowhere. So it’s the middle path which one must take.

However, in a recent. We had initiation a few weeks ago and there was a member of the freemasonry clique there. And he had a very deep understanding of all this stuff, which somehow, I don’t know, he knows it through their initiations.

And he said that he’s had the highest initiation. At the end of that, they get to wear a red fez with a tassel on it. And the red fez, I suppose, represents type of God consciousness in the tassel because it moves 360 degrees, gives them a wider view of everything.

And the fez is emblematic of that. And the more I talked to this guy because he said his initiation made it clear that a rebirth, that they have to die in some way and be reborn. And indeed, if the Sikhs have the. When they achieve, they have their initiation. Their turban is dipped in blood of their enemies, so it becomes a red turban. So the red feathers. The turban seek initiation.

And the initiations in the pyramid of the AnU priest class. And I began to see that it all involves a ritual death and a reemergence.

But at any point during that process, it can be interdicted, it can be contaminated and deployed by satanic forces, as happened with the pyramids in the main toltec pyramids, where they started tearing out people’s hearts on top of the pyramids. So initially it, yeah, we’ve got this initiation, connection to source, and then suddenly there’s this infection, this what I call territorial infection.

[01:17:14] Speaker B: Yeah, something comes along, whispers in their ear, like, well, we’ll try that. And then they try it and next minute there’s lots of people dead.

[01:17:24] Speaker A: That’s right. Yeah, there you go. And I think they slaughtered 15, 20% of the population to appease this God, which is what’s happening on the other side of the world with yahweh and bal.

Money. Blood sacrifice.

[01:17:40] Speaker B: You mean climate change?

[01:17:43] Speaker A: Climate change, that’s right. Oh, what’s the enemy? The enemy is carbon dioxide. Hang on. Isn’t carbon dioxide essential to life and. Oh, no, it’s bad.

Eliminate it. We must capture. I think the phrase is carbon dioxide capture.

They’re imprisoning. They’re going to imprison the carbon dioxide like those Superman villains. Just bizarre and crazy. Inversion of everything.

[01:18:10] Speaker B: Yeah, it’s mean if you actually just stopped and really thought about it in any degree of basic intellect. I mean, still using the iconic mind, but you can look at it and go, wait a minute. This is just absolutely fucking stupid.

It’s bonkers.

[01:18:31] Speaker A: It’s idiotic.

Although I did come across some research which indicated that, for example, the dying of the reef is due to the warming of the water. Which warming water?

[01:18:43] Speaker B: Which reef?

[01:18:45] Speaker A: Is it true?

Which way? Great barrier reef.

[01:18:49] Speaker B: Yeah, no, that’s another myth.

[01:18:51] Speaker A: Another myth? Yeah. Well, anyway, I’ve read some papers. I had an argument with a girl who’s a neuroscientist and I said, look, I’m questioning this. She said, I’ll read this paper. And the paper said, yeah, there’s evidence that water warming caused the expulsion of algae from the reef, which is depolation, decoloration. And this organism is needed, but it expels it in order to survive. But this is what happening to the earth. The homo sapien sapiens is a creature which is undermining the earth, so it must be eliminated and destroyed. So it’s playing into the antique stuff. Anyway, turns out she just turned on me. She turned into an enemy.

Honestly, it’s almost like a demonic attack.

[01:19:51] Speaker B: Yeah, because they can see. You can see. Right? That’s the thing. You’re in. They live and all of a sudden they’re picking up their watches and saying, this one can see.

[01:20:00] Speaker A: That’s right. Attack. And so Agent Smith takes over and.

[01:20:06] Speaker B: Suddenly.

[01:20:09] Speaker A: You’Re not getting jobs and people are, like, not taking your calls. Yeah.

[01:20:13] Speaker B: No, you’ve got to lie. Just like they are to themselves.

Participate in the demons game.

[01:20:20] Speaker A: You do. That’s it. That’s what we’re supposed to learn through all the incarnations. It’s how to manipulate lie. Machiavellian conjurations and presses if. And this is what Caligera, she makes a very good point. I mean, the spirit has no need for someone who’s worked out how to negotiate the matrix. It’s useless. It’s not interested.

That’s not life. That’s death.

Anyway, getting back to this Sam Vacna, I recommend people look at Sam Vacna. He’s a funny guy. He’s an interesting, eccentric character, but he’s very smart. He’s made these connections which are very important. He understands something at a very deep.

When people. The point is when people allow access to their souls by discarded entities. And that’s what’s happening with a lot of medicine circles. People are just opening up.

They’re being accessed, and one way they’re accessed is through a false promise, an entity might say, and the entity can talk to a human being. So you’re talking to a human being. Looks like human, but they could be just being taken over temporarily by.

[01:21:31] Speaker B: Wait a minute, are you talking about ayahuasca nightclubs?

[01:21:34] Speaker A: Ayahuasca nightclubs, yeah, that sort of thing. And I’ve seen a lot of it where suddenly someone has saying, oh, you’ve got something, you’ve got an entity. I can eliminate it for you, but you’re going to have to give me permission. Once you give permission, you got something worse. They’ve said, ah, you’ve been.

Yeah, they may have displaced one entity, but now you’ve got something else. You’ve got Yelda both mark two. Right, which I’ve seen.

I had an experience in black Heath with a well known botanist stroke, Aris Gera, who I don’t think I can name, but I’m writing a book about.

He says, oh, he’s got this technique called, and you can destroy these entities. They actually explode.

And then over the course of the evening, I looked at him and he’s preparing some tea. I saw this creature above him, it’s like this green monster, and I can see he’s being controlled by this entity, by this being. So it doesn’t matter how experienced, how clever, how well meaning you are, there’s all these dangers for people who have not.

[01:22:55] Speaker B: That’s right.

[01:22:56] Speaker A: Somatic God consciousness. And that’s what the initiation is all about.


[01:23:05] Speaker B: All right, so we’re getting towards the end now of the podcast, and it’s been an amazing talk once again, and I thank you for that. But how can people find you, or your writings and maybe your ceremonies?

[01:23:25] Speaker A: Yes, well, firstly, in my writings I had a blog, which is a rock, a river, a tree, and we’ll post links to that. I also have a book called this mortal coil. This mortal coil you’ll find in the blog in bullet form. And if people want to.

I wrote this mortal coil in bullet form in 2016, a while ago, anticipating the invention of AI. So what I want people to do, I’m going to inject a trojan into the large language model by putting their bullet points as prompts into AI, bullet points of the mortal coil, and seeing what happens, because the large language model will take on board all these subversive ideas.

[01:24:21] Speaker B: That’s interesting, because I only just saw yesterday that there’s a new anti AI tool for artists where they can actually take one of their artworks and inject pixels into it. So then if it gets stolen by the AI, it actually infects the whole data set. So what happens is if people type in the word cat, it just throws out dog or something else altogether and thereby destroying the AI data set. So it’s very good for protecting artists’works. So if we can do that with consciousness and other ways of expressing pure divine consciousness, I’m sure there’s a way.

[01:25:11] Speaker A: Because obviously it’s been proven with the visual I invented. I postulated and discovered it, and now’s the time to do it. Now’s the time brilliant people have put those prompts in. So I recommend people go to Rocca river retreat, which is based on a beautiful mayo Angelou poem.

And I recommend also people, and I’ve got a link to that on my blog of her during Clinton’s inauguration, reciting this beautiful poem. And you could see these Arkansas squirm because they knew what she was saying.

She say, this tree, do not seek solas under my branches. And he’s know, you know, he’s got it right because Clinton’s, like a very smart guy and he understood what was going on.

As you asked, we conduct initiations. So there’s a forthcoming tour which I call libertad, which means recalling our freedom. Our freedom, our innate right to God consciousness, and the understanding that we have a right to be a knower of God consciousness and to be free and not subject to mind control.

So what we do is conduct the initiations with certain entheogenic tools, accelerants that are provided by indigenous shaman.

[01:26:54] Speaker B: Nice.

[01:26:54] Speaker A: So we’re conducting that. And there will be information you can go to.

[01:27:00] Speaker B: I’ll provide a link to that information.

[01:27:02] Speaker A: Provide the link to that.

I think what’s going to happen to people is that it’s going to be a very sacred experience, probably the most profound experience they will ever had. So we respect the spirits of time, place, set and setting. And it’s done with a full protocol by people who are authorized for these initiations.

[01:27:28] Speaker B: Nice.

Well, David, we’ve come to the end of our three part series, and it’s been a fantastic talk and definitely liberating for the mind in different ways. And I’m certain that a lot of people out there will have enjoyed our conversations and what you’ve shared. So I thank you very.

[01:27:51] Speaker A: Thank you, CJ.

[01:27:52] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah. So I’ll say goodbye to the audience, and I’ll say goodbye to you on here, but just wait on. All right, bye for now.

Well, that was totally awesome. I’m really happy to have David on the show and to have his mind and his ideas out there in the world. I’m certain that you would have enjoyed that if you made it all the way to the end. And there’s lots of really good information in there and ideas to mull over. But just remember, when you’re mulling over these ideas, you’re still using the mind of the arcons.

[01:28:30] Speaker A: And yeah, you’ve got to find a.

[01:28:34] Speaker B: Way out of that. And I use myself, meditation, as my main go to escape route. But if you’ve got one of those monkey minds that just can’t shut up, there is other ways to work, and that’s guided meditations, because then you’re listening to somebody else. And with the right guided meditation, you can actually liberate yourself in your own way in your own time.

Now, if you’ve enjoyed today’s show, please like the show on face on YouTube. Yes, like and subscribe, because I kept on forgetting that I’m doing video now. But, yeah, please like and subscribe and share this to one other person you know would actually enjoy it. So thank you very much for listening and until next episode. Bye for now.

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