May 23, 2024

Birdie Jaworski Interview Can UFO Contact Change Lives Positively?

Today on #Supernormalized, meet Birdie Jaworski from Albuquerque, NM – a digital forensics expert, writer, and beekeeper. By day, she uncovers digital mysteries; by night, she leads UFO explorations. Passionate about beekeeping, Birdie champions native bee populations. A unique blend of expertise in digital forensics, UFO phenomena, and beekeeping – captivating insights await! #Expert #DigitalForensics #UFO #Beekeeping
Birdie Jaworski Interview Can UFO Contact Change Lives Positively?
Birdie Jaworski Interview Can UFO Contact Change Lives Positively?
Supernormalized Podcast
Birdie Jaworski Interview Can UFO Contact Change Lives Positively?
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Birdie Jaworski Interview Can UFO Contact Change Lives Positively?
Supernormalized Podcast
Birdie Jaworski Interview Can UFO Contact Change Lives Positively?

Meet Birdie, a versatile expert from Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a diverse background in digital forensics, writing, and beekeeping. By day, Birdie utilizes her forensic skills to unravel digital mysteries, while by night, she leads the Albuquerque UFO/UAP Explorations group, delving into the enigmatic skies with fellow enthusiasts. Apart from her digital pursuits, Birdie is an experienced beekeeper deeply committed to preserving native bee populations and addressing issues like colony collapse. With a unique blend of knowledge in digital forensics, UFO phenomena, and beekeeping, Birdie offers captivating insights that are as intriguing as they are informative.


[00:00:00] Speaker A: And I do think that some of these are physical craft. There is evidence that there have been crash retrievals and that there is reverse engineering going on. So those items had to come from somewhere.

[00:01:02] Speaker B: Welcome to supernormalize, the podcast, where we challenge the conventional break boundaries and normalize the seemingly supernatural. Join me, CJ, as we explore less uncharted realms of existence and unravel the mysteries of life. Experience. My treasured listeners, if you have a life story or healing modality or unique knowledge that you’d love to share, reach out to me at supernormalized. That’s supernormalized with a z. Proton dot me. Let’s together embrace acceptance of, of the supernatural and unusual as what it really is. Completely normal. Today on supernormalize, you’ll meet birdie Jaworski. She’s from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and she’s a digital forensic expert specializing in cryptocurrency, a writer and a beekeeper. And by day, she uncovers digital mysteries, but by night, she leads UFO explorations. She’s got a unique blend of expertise in UFO phenomena and has started the ABQ UFO’s group, which is powered along and holds regular meetings online and in person. That’s helped a lot of people understand their experiences and helped others to understand the UFO phenomena itself. So enjoy the show.

Welcome to supernormalized, Birdie Jaworski. So, Birdie, you are an eclectic person to say. I would say that’s true. You’ve moved to New Mexico and had a life change, and in doing that, you’ve had a bit of UFO contact, started your own UFO organization group, and by the looks of it, on your website, you host ongoing lectures and meetings and keep up the faith of contact with extraterrestrial. Is that true?

[00:02:50] Speaker A: That’s very true. I started a UFO group, and we’ve become the most active UFO group in the entire United States.

[00:03:00] Speaker B: Yeah. Wow. Okay.

[00:03:01] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:03:02] Speaker B: So how did you get there? What happened to you?

[00:03:06] Speaker A: Well, it started when I was seven years old. I saw a UFO. I was with my sister. It was in the evening, and we were playing with our Christmas presents, which were two dolls. This was in 1972. I was seven. We got a Lone ranger and a tanto doll for Christmas from the old the Lone Ranger show. We were playing, and in through the window came this very strange light. It was kind of blue and green, maybe a little gray, a little purple. It was very weird. So we turned, we dropped our dolls, looked at the light, and we both saw this big, gray, disc shaped object just hovering there with the light. Shining toward us. And then our dolls stood up by themselves and lifted into the air and started spinning in opposite directions.

And that’s the last thing that my sister and I remember. And I didn’t have a frame of reference for what that meant. At seven, I didn’t even know about UFO’s. But later, when I started reading and discovering what that might have been, I became completely obsessed. And here I am.

[00:04:20] Speaker B: Okay, so the experience when you were seven, did the parents wake up or anything? Or is it just you guys just solo? Alone?

[00:04:31] Speaker A: We were alone in our bedroom. And in the morning I told my mom and she said, oh, you just had a bad dream. And my sister and I just kind of gave each other the side eye and we would talk about it every now and then. We would just call it the night the dolls danced, because we didn’t know what else it was.

[00:04:50] Speaker B: Have you ever done any regression hypnosis to find out what happened there?

[00:04:55] Speaker A: No, I have not. I’ve considered it, but I’ve been a little afraid to do that because I’ve read all the literature and I know that many people that have that regression hypnosis and recover some memory, oftentimes the memories they uncover are very unpleasant. And I’m not sure I want that. I want to go there.

[00:05:16] Speaker B: Oh, I can understand that. Yeah. Yeah. Because there might be something traumatic in the experience. Who knows what I mean? Nice, you know, tall aliens. Who knows?

[00:05:25] Speaker A: It might have been. Might have been nice aliens. Maybe they gave us ice cream. I don’t know.

[00:05:32] Speaker B: So, okay, so you’ve had this experience at seven and that spawned your interest in UFO’s as a child. So did you say, start looking into UFO’s in any way else whatsoever? I mean, did you pick up, say, for example, in those times? I remember I was reading Omni magazine. Cause that was such a. Omni.

[00:05:51] Speaker A: It was awesome. I subscribed to Omni, the old UFO magazine and Fate magazine. I read that too. And I checked out every possible book having to do with UFO’s or anything paranormal, really, from the public library and just read and read and read and read as much as I could about it. And it didn’t answer what happened to me, but it opened my mind to all of these different possibilities. And reading about how thousands upon thousands of people across the entire planet had had some kind of similar experience made me feel better about what happened.

[00:06:31] Speaker B: Yeah, it’s good to actually have that sort of understanding that this isn’t unusual. Pretty much the basis of what I do. So super normalize is about normalizing the woo and seeing that our lives are actually truly magical.

[00:06:46] Speaker A: Yes.

[00:06:47] Speaker B: Yeah. Okay, so you’ve grown up from that young age, learning more and more about UFO’s and everything.

Were you having a normal life? What were you doing then?

[00:06:58] Speaker A: Yeah, you know, I had a normal life. I was married. I have five children who are all grown out of the house now. And I ended up going back to school. And I got my degree in digital forensics, have a master’s degree in that, and work on all different kinds of investigations using computer forensics. My area of expertise is cryptocurrency. So I chase. Yeah. I don’t own any, but I chase what the bad guys do.

[00:07:31] Speaker B: Yeah, right. So you can actually feel through the blockchain and see where they went.

[00:07:34] Speaker A: Yes.

[00:07:35] Speaker B: Which wallet’s holding what and who’s got that wallet, maybe.

[00:07:38] Speaker A: Yes, exactly. Yeah, exactly. You know, as far. As far as you can. You know, sometimes that can be a little tricky, but, you know, usually for law enforcement, things like that. And. And then I, you know, I got. I just kept thinking about UFO’s, though, as I’m doing all of this. And I kept thinking and thinking about it and I decided I. I wanted to meet some friends who were into it because all of my other friends. I’m also a beekeeper and I have lots of friends who are beekeepers, but didn’t have any UFO buddies. So I started a group just to make friends. But it’s been growing like crazy. And now we have people all over the country, even people from other countries who have joined us. So that. That’s pretty much what I’ve done with my life. Just a lot of crazy, different things.

[00:08:24] Speaker B: Excellent. Well, it sounds like you spawned something that, you know, the public actually need. When it comes to the UFO group. Do you actually have, like, a protocol that you work with. With your group? I mean, what. What do you do there?

[00:08:36] Speaker A: Yeah, we. We have five to ten events a month. And they range from guest speakers who come in in person sometimes, and sometimes we’ll do them via video feed online, and we’ll have guest speakers from a variety of different practices. When it comes to UFO’s, some of them are interested in communicating with aliens, and maybe they have their own methodology that they’re trying to teach other people. Some are UFO researchers, and they have been investigating different famous cases or unknown cases.

Some people are contactees and they’ve received messages, they believe, from different kinds of non human intelligence. So it’s a real range. We also have social gatherings, picnics, field trips to, I mean, here in New Mexico, there are a number of locations of famous, famous cases, such as Roswell, New Mexico, where that famous crash occurred in 1947. We’re having a big field trip down to that in July.

So this is what we do. And it’s been wonderful because I think that that sense of community is super important for people who have had experiences or who are interested in this because of all of the stigma that has been associated with having an interest in UFO’s or standing out and saying, yeah, you know, I saw a UFO. I had an experience. So this has been validating for a lot of group members.

[00:10:08] Speaker B: Have you had any more experiences since you were seven?

[00:10:12] Speaker A: I had one more when I was 16. I was at a slumber party, a sleepover party at a girlfriend’s house, and there were seven of us girls, and we were playing a game called truth or dare. And I don’t know if the young girls play that in Australia. They probably do. Super popular, at least at that time in the states. And so you’re asked a question, and it’s usually a very personal question, and you can answer it by saying truth and giving your answer. And if you don’t want to answer the question, you take the dare. And I was asked a question I did not want to answer. It was about a boy in one of the classes and whether I liked him. And I didn’t want to admit that I had a major crush on him. So I said, okay, I’ll take the dare. And they dared me to take off all my clothes and run around the whole yard naked, singing the theme to a tv show that was popular then called the Love Boat. So, which is a cheesy, stupid show.

I ripped off my clothes. And this was in December, which is very cold here. And I was running around the yard naked, singing the love boat theme song. And over the trees that kind of ran around the perimeter of her yard, this big, orange, diamond shaped thing that was all lit up as if from. From the inside. It was enormous. Flew. Started flying over the trees and into the clearing. And the last thing I remember thinking was I could pick up this pine cone that was on the ground and chuck it at it, and I would hit it.

[00:11:55] Speaker B: That close? Yeah.

[00:11:56] Speaker A: And it was that close. And the next morning, all of us, all seven of us, our faces were bright red as if we were sunburned. And my friend’s father said, wow, are you girls into the makeup?

And we were just like, I don’t know. I don’t know. And we didn’t remember what happened. We just. We all talked about the UFO later on and nobody could remember what happened. So I guess that’s another one for regression therapy, if I so choose.

[00:12:30] Speaker B: That’s also what weird timing. You’re running around in the nude, you know?

[00:12:34] Speaker A: I know, right. Perfect opportunity to get your anal probe. Right.

[00:12:39] Speaker B: I’m just thinking there might be some.

[00:12:41] Speaker A: UFO.

[00:12:46] Speaker B: But that’s quite a lot of oddness there. And, yeah, I can see how these things would have spurned you into wanting to know more about UFO’s and meeting people in UFO culture. So what do you think is happening with UFO disclosure at this point in time in history?

[00:13:03] Speaker A: I think that there is a genuine push to have real solid disclosure. I don’t think that, like, the United States government, which seems to be leading this charge, at least on some level, is ready to unload everything to the american public. But certainly since 2017, when the Navy pilots came out and the New York Times published a couple of articles describing the things that they had seen, the Tic Tac UFO, so many people have heard about the gimbal UFO, the go fast. And these videos are widely available on the Internet now. And the Department of Defense admits that these are real videos of something, that they don’t know what they are. And since then, there’s been, you know, movement in Congress. There have been several hearings in the House of Representatives where whistleblowers David Grush, for example, and the Navy pilots and others have given testimonies or testimony to. To tell the truth and talked about their experiences and what they’ve seen, what they’ve experienced, what they know or don’t know. And many members of Congress on both sides of the political aisle are taking this quite seriously. And there’s been pushback. There’s been pushback. There are members of Congress that really don’t want to dive into this. And there, you know, there are rumors about reasons. Maybe some of these politicians are in the pocket of the defense community because of donations to their campaigns. Maybe some of them have religious objections to, you know, admitting that there are extraterrestrials or interdimensionals or whatever these things are. But I do think that we are slowly moving toward eventually the president or who, you know, maybe President Biden, if it happens before the election, after the election, we’ll see who. Who’s been voted in. And I think it’s very possible that we will sometime in the next few years, receive from the president that message that we are not alone. I think it’ll be a low level message. I don’t think it’ll be a. And there have been abductions, and we have this, and I don’t think we’re going to see that anytime soon, but I do think we’ll get some kind of low level corroboration.

[00:15:27] Speaker B: Do you think we really need validation from a president?

[00:15:31] Speaker A: Absolutely not. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, disclosure has already happened.

[00:15:38] Speaker B: Yeah, me too. It’s like, who cares what they think?

[00:15:41] Speaker A: Who cares what they think? But, you know, I talk with a lot of people, including members of my own family, and a lot of them are still on the fence. They’re still waiting to see that so called scientific proof when the proof is already out there. We have high level, high level observers. Thousands. I know, right. And going back through all of human history, it’s.

[00:16:04] Speaker B: Right.

[00:16:05] Speaker A: The past few years, look at, you know, paintings, cave paintings, and all kinds of cool paintings from the middle ages that, you know, depict religious motifs. And then there’s a big old flying saucer shining a beam of light on baby Jesus. You know, it’s been out there. The truth is out there. Yeah.

[00:16:26] Speaker B: It’s been out there for a very long time, by the looks of it.

[00:16:28] Speaker A: It has been.

[00:16:29] Speaker B: So I’ve got to ask you, though, what camp are you when it comes to UFO’s, if you choose a camp? Because some people actually say, okay, they’re solid objects coming from, you know, multiple dimensions or very, very, very far away, or are they like spirits that are just changing form because they’re actually plasma based?

[00:16:50] Speaker A: That’s such a good question. And I would have to say that I think it’s a combination of things. I don’t think it’s just one kind of non human intelligence that’s visited us. Because if you look at the body of evidence, all the people who have given reports, there is a wide range of different body shapes and sizes, different craft shapes and sizes, and different kinds of activities involved. And I do think that some of these are physical craft. There is evidence that there have been crash retrievals and that there is reverse engineering going on. So those items had to come from somewhere, and I don’t know where, but I think that they come from somewhere, maybe other planets.

But I do think other people have experiences that perhaps could be of a more interdimensional sort or spirit realm, that people see orbs or beautiful entities, light creatures. And those, to me, seem to be a different, maybe related phenomenon. So I think it’s everything.

[00:18:06] Speaker B: Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s a spectrum of things depending on the person themselves. Because, you know, you hear a lot, a lot of experiences when it’s actually a group of people. Like, out of that group, some people might see something, some people might see something else, and then the other people don’t see anything at all.

[00:18:21] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:18:22] Speaker B: And it’s like. I don’t know. I relate it back to, like, psychedelics. It depends on, like, the intention or whatever you’re carrying within you is. Is sort of like the way that the world then feeds back to you.

[00:18:34] Speaker A: So, so true about everything, isn’t it?

[00:18:37] Speaker B: Right, yeah. And so the experience of, say, you know, this other object, the object of other, but in some sort of form, will also take whatever it needs to inform you of what you need to know at that time. And so, yeah, sometimes solid, sometimes spirits, sometimes actual light beings, sometimes can even just be an impression. I mean, I’ve had visitations where it’s just like a sense of them right there, you know what I mean, and yield them, and it’s like, oh, wow. Yeah, here we are, you know, so.

[00:19:11] Speaker A: He just gave me goosebumps on my arms.

I think we all.

[00:19:15] Speaker B: We all know that.

[00:19:17] Speaker A: We all know that feeling when, you know, someone’s watching you or someone’s nearby.

[00:19:22] Speaker B: Yeah.

[00:19:23] Speaker A: We experience that when someone we love dies.

[00:19:26] Speaker B: Yeah, true, true.

[00:19:26] Speaker A: That’s the connection.

[00:19:27] Speaker B: That’s the frequency thing.

[00:19:29] Speaker A: It is.

[00:19:30] Speaker B: Now, I’ve read a lot of reports of people seeing Bigfoot, Sitonga, yowies, and then suddenly UFO’s are nearby.

[00:19:43] Speaker A: Yes.

[00:19:44] Speaker B: What do you think is going on there?

[00:19:46] Speaker A: That’s a good question. And here in New Mexico, Bigfoot is super big. Here we have many native american tribes who live in our state, on reservation areas and pueblos and in their areas, Bigfoot is a commonly seen occurrence. And a lot of the native police officers, the rangers, they actually have photographs, and they have taken hair samples and footprint measurements. And to the native population, these are creatures that just live in harmony with us, and they have a symbiotic relationship with people who live in those areas. And UFO’s are associated, even in those areas with many of these cryptid type creatures. There’s Chupacabra up in northern New Mexico, and people see UFO’s when they see the chupacabra as well. And it’s hard to say what exactly that relationship is. There seems to be one is whatever piloting those UFO’s interested in these creatures just as we are interested in them? Or is there some kind of holographic thing going on? Or are these creatures interdimensional or multidimensional or what have you? I don’t know how to answer that. But there does seem to be a correlation. Not all the time, but often it.

[00:21:15] Speaker B: Seems like there’s like, when these things happen, there could be, like a liminal sort of space where the fabric is thin. And because of that, not only do you see certain things, you see other things as well, sometimes associated, sometimes not. So. Yeah. Interesting.

[00:21:29] Speaker A: It’s kind of like the Skinwalker ranch where.

[00:21:31] Speaker B: Yeah.

[00:21:32] Speaker A: The veil is thin there and all kinds of things come through and.

[00:21:36] Speaker B: Or maybe it’s just world marketed.

[00:21:38] Speaker A: Yeah, well, you know, absolutely.

[00:21:43] Speaker B: Because there seems to be a lot of, you know, skinwalker ranch. Like, look at this. At Skinwalker Ranch. But, you know, there’s places that are just as weird as that.

[00:21:52] Speaker A: I know, exactly. Yeah. There’s a ranch here in New Mexico that is not on television that some people know about. And they do have weird experiences there, too, where they’ve seen wolves that change into different kinds of creatures, and they’ve seen almost, like, portals in the sky where ships have come through. So, yeah. It’s not the only place on the planet with cool stuff going on.

[00:22:16] Speaker B: Yeah.

We live in a really magical world, and I think, you know, the society that we live in right now is sort of like, mostly wants us not to know that.

[00:22:28] Speaker A: Yeah.

It is very odd. I think it’s easier to control the masses when they don’t understand that, that the world is bigger than just what’s in front of you and, you know, going through the daily motions that we are. We are way more than just stuff in a body, you know, that we have cool capabilities and.

[00:22:52] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure.

Okay, so what is the UFO experience and your UFO groups taught you?

[00:23:05] Speaker A: Well, it’s taught me that this whole phenomenon doesn’t belong to a small group of people. It kind of belongs to everyone. There are so many different kinds of people that have had experiences. There are little old ladies who walk with a cane and who are, you know, 80, 90 years old who have just had their first experience that they recall. And there are young, young folks who. Who are really into this because they’ve seen things on Twitter or Instagram and, you know, they want to learn more about it. And it’s a. It’s really cross generational. It’s bipartisan. Nobody seems to have any particular political bent. And I really just love how it’s just an amazing group of people of all different kinds that are sharing their experiences, listening very closely to each other. It’s actually created deep friendships, and people are going out and doing things other than UFO stuff with each other, going out to movies or out to dinner, just because they’re finding that these people are real people with real interests.

[00:24:21] Speaker B: Yeah, they found a point of connection.

[00:24:23] Speaker A: Exactly.

[00:24:26] Speaker B: Does your group collect experiences as well? Do you actually document at all?

[00:24:32] Speaker A: We are starting to do that. We’re actually launching a magazine, and it’s finally coming out next week. It’s been a few months in the works called Saucer Spin, and everyone who has had an experience, who wishes to share has written up a little story about what happened to them. These are all going in the magazine, along with some book reviews, podcast reviews, some profiles of people who are doing big things in the field. But it’s a way to get the stories of the members of my community out there so that people who read, then go online and read these or get a physical copy online, they can read these accounts and connect with these just super cool individual people who aren’t famous writers or famous researchers. They’re just people that had something extraordinary happen. So we’re working. We’re working on getting all of that together.

[00:25:30] Speaker B: Yeah. That’s cool. That’s cool.

[00:25:31] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:25:32] Speaker B: Is there any experiences that you can share without revealing the people identities?

[00:25:37] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah. We do have a number of people in the group who work for some of the national laboratories here.

New Mexico is home to Sandia Labs, to Los Alamos. These are famous labs where all kinds of government work is done. And a couple of members have. Have had experiences on these bases where they have seen craft, and we’re told not, not to report it, that it seemed to be regular occurrence, that these craft were flying, you know, during particular operations.

So we do have a number of people that have talked about this. We have had. There’s a couple that are just amazing older couple, and they talked about a huge mothership. That’s the words they used. Enormous, enormous UFO that landed in their rural property. And it terrified them because they had never seen anything like it, had never heard of anything like it. They weren’t familiar with the whole UFO field or all the mythology surrounding it. It had many different colored lights that left imprints in the dirt, and then it just kind of flew away.

Other people have reported abduction experiences where they wake up in the middle of the night and they see the little non human creatures at the side of the bed. Some people have been getting messages that they might see or just hear a voice, or they will get a telepathic message, and they write these messages down. And they’ve been sharing these messages with other people in the group who are interested in learning more about that. So the experience has really run the gamut from know, the military to just common individuals having something crazy happen to them.


[00:27:32] Speaker B: Do you give any weight to the idea that these are actually malefic spirits?

[00:27:43] Speaker A: I think that all of these things are within the realm of possibility that, you know, these could be some kind of spirit life that has always existed here on our planet. You know, people talk about the whole Drake equation. Is it even possible for ships to make it, you know, faster than the speed of light or through great distances that the time that it would take to come from another place to get to our planet? Maybe they’ve always been here.

I think that all these things are possible, that it could be spirits, it could be. They could be good, they could be bad. They could be completely indifferent.

I don’t think that we know the answers to those because we only have all these bits and pieces, these little teeny puzzle pieces that we keep trying to fit together, and we don’t have the big answers yet. Now, does the government have those answers? I really doubt it. They may have some technology they’ve reverse engineered, but I really don’t think that they have all the answers either. So it’s up for grabs.

[00:28:50] Speaker B: What’s your hunch?

[00:28:53] Speaker A: I think that if you look at the history of all of the reported sightings, I think that very, very few of them have had any kind of real negative aspect to it. Yes, there have been some where humans have died, or some were. Humans have gotten, perhaps, radiation poisoning or been harmed in some way. The abduction, the whole abduction scenario, I know, is very disconcerting to many people. And if I think about it, I think, yeah, you know what? It is like kidnapping and having medical procedures done, but we don’t really know what’s happening, and it doesn’t seem to have lasting physical harm to the individuals that have encountered these kinds of experiences. So I don’t think that whatever is doing this is out to conquer the world. I think if they had that technology, they would have already conquered us. It would have happened already, so. Exactly. Yeah, I think they’re interested in us. I think that maybe they helped create us. I think that the whole genetic testing is possibly part of a long term test where we are, you know, being developed in some way. I think that’s possible, but I don’t think that they’re evil or bad.

I think they’re different.

And I think there’s probably a lot to. A lot to understand, you know, a lot of things we could learn from them. If they decided upon open contact. But maybe we’re not ready for that. Just look. Look at us. We’re horrible creatures. Look at all the ways we harm each other and harm our beautiful planet. And we’re, you know, we’re pretty crappy as a species overall, but we’re beautiful, too. So I don’t know.

[00:30:47] Speaker B: Yeah, I think. I think humanity is much more amazing than that, personally, so I don’t know why they’re. It’s been represented that way when it comes to, you know, the UFO thing. Yeah, yeah. But, yeah, it’d be interesting to see how it all plays out in time. I mean, we are committed towards what seems to be like a big change point in reality, and it seems like transparency is becoming more and more of a thing that is just necessary.

[00:31:20] Speaker A: And it is.

[00:31:22] Speaker B: Over time. Yeah. There will be greater understanding that would come to. Will come to all of us.

[00:31:29] Speaker A: I really hope so. I think that, you know, we have a lot to offer the visitors. I think we do. We have incredible art and music and, you know, people haven’t really reported a lot of alien art or there have been some cases with. With music, but I kind of wonder maybe that’s an intrigue.


[00:31:51] Speaker B: Right. So they haven’t really shown any alien art to us so far. What if they’re. What if their existence is art?

[00:31:59] Speaker A: It absolutely could be. It could be that could. It could be all performance art even, or something. Yeah.

[00:32:08] Speaker B: That’s an interesting angle. Yeah.

[00:32:11] Speaker A: Yeah. A large ballet of some sort, you know, that operates on such a grand, you know, eons, a grand scale that we couldn’t possibly conceive it just living the short lives that we do in these physical bodies, you know? But maybe when, after we pass on and we go on to whatever our next adventure may be, perhaps then we can see the bigger picture and see what’s really. What. What really is all of this about? I’m hopeful.

[00:32:40] Speaker B: Yeah, I’m hopeful, too. It’s like a live action role play that is destined to.

[00:32:46] Speaker A: Exactly.

[00:32:48] Speaker B: So you also are a beekeeper.

[00:32:51] Speaker A: Yes.

[00:32:52] Speaker B: Does that. How does that actually integrate into your life now? I mean, do you still have lots of bees and interact with them?

[00:33:00] Speaker A: I do. I do. I have hives in my backyard. I live in the city of Albuquerque. Now, Albuquerque is a small city, and it’s actually in our state constitution that you are allowed any livestock you want, as long as you can support that livestock. So I have beehives, and I love my bees with all my heart. They’re such beautiful creatures. Honeybees are fascinating. And, and I think I’m fascinated with them, honestly. It comes from my whole UFO obsession, because they are such a unique species. They’re so different from us, and they’re fun to watch. And, you know, there’s a queen that controls the hive, and the hive is all female like the queen, except for a very small number of male bees, which are called drones. And the women do all of the work. They go out. They do all of the work. Bees have a really interesting life cycle, too. So when the bee is first born, they only live six weeks. The queens live five to seven years, but the workers live about six weeks, first two weeks of their life. They are nurse bees. They help the new bees being born, and then they become morgue bees, and they drag out the dead bees out of the hive and clean the hive up. And then they become guard bees, where they guard the hive and its resources. And then the very last two weeks of their lives, they are the foragers. So when you go outside and you see honeybees flying around and collecting pollen or nectar from the flowers, those are the elderly lady bees on their very last journeys.

And it’s the only time they leave the hive is when they’re old. Yeah. And it’s, you know, so different than, than our, than our lives. And I often times think, I wonder if an alien civilization, maybe they’re formed like this in a colony. I mean, that’s kind of like the Borg in the Star Trek, right? The queen borg is the queen, yeah, the queen of all the Borg. But, but, but, you know, bees are not destructive. They’re, they’re beautiful, and they’re helpful to the environment. They pollinate the plants, and maybe that’s what’s happening with non human visitors. Maybe they’re pollinating other planets and, you know, bringing, bringing nutrients from one area to another to help sustain growth or to help manage a larger environment. I always think about them that way.

[00:35:29] Speaker B: Hmm.

Do you know about the theory that bees can’t actually technically fly?

[00:35:36] Speaker A: I have heard about that, and it’s really, they have enormous bodies in these teeny, tiny little wings.

[00:35:45] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah, I’ve read about it. It’s like what they do is they set up sort of like a frequency with their wings, and that causes, like, a space around them to open up, and then they’re not actually flying there, like micro teleporting in every direction.

[00:36:00] Speaker A: Right, right. Yeah. They’re, there’s so many different things with frequencies associated with bees. It’s, it’s the whole flying thing is one how they communicate with each other. They use different frequencies to communicate. They can tell. They can tell fantastic stories when they come into the hive, they tell stories about where the best nutrients are, and these nutrients may be 3 miles away, and you have to fly over and under and through things to get to. And they can accurately pinpoint that location for their sisters to go out and collect exactly in that location.

When it’s time for the hive to swarm, that’s how a hive reproduces. Then a new queen is born, and the old queen leaves with half the hive, leaving the new queen and half in the old hive. And so the swarm goes off on their way. But they’ve got other female bees that fly ahead, the scouts, that will determine where to go, and they come back, and then they impart this information series of dances and frequencies to the queen and all of her attendants to describe each location. And then the bees literally vote on it and reach a consensus. They have to reach consensus before they decide which new home to fly to.

It’s so beyond what we even do as humans. It’s amazing.

[00:37:28] Speaker B: Wow. It’s like a monocle. Tyranny, but democracy.

[00:37:33] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. It’s a weird combination. The queen can’t survive without her big, beautiful female family, and they can’t survive without her, so they work together.

[00:37:45] Speaker B: Wow, that’s cool. Yeah. We’ve got some native bees ourselves on our balcony, and.

[00:37:49] Speaker A: Oh, nice.

[00:37:50] Speaker B: Yeah, they’re a pleasure to interact with. I’m actually allergic to bees, but.

[00:37:54] Speaker A: Well, you’re probably not allergic to native bees. It’s usually just honeybees that people are allergic to. They’re an invasive species. Alas, native bees are way more important to our earth ecosystem. And like here in New Mexico, there’s over a thousand different native bee species.

[00:38:13] Speaker B: Yeah.

[00:38:13] Speaker A: Wow. Yeah, so I. My backyard is a big pollinator backyard with many different kinds of flowers and things that they like.

[00:38:21] Speaker B: Nice. What sort of messages do the bees have for you, though?

[00:38:26] Speaker A: The bees are, you know, the bees can tell you what kind of year you’re going to have. If they are making a lot of reserves, a lot of honey, packing away a lot of pollen in the hive, then they know that it’s going to be a drought. I mean, here in New Mexico, we go through drought seasons, and some seasons are better than others.

And you can tell just going into the hive, which I do every two weeks, what they think the summer is going to end up looking like, and they are always, always correct. So you can kind of predict, predict the weather from the bees. If they all get into the hive and they’re not out flying around, you know, the wind’s going to pick up heavy duty here, or we’re going to about to get blasted with some rain or a big storm. They always know ahead of time what’s happening. And, you know, in the hive is kind of. It’s delicate. You have to watch their health. I’m a natural beekeeper. I don’t use any chemicals in the hive. And, you know, mites are a big problem here in the United States. It’s probably the same, too. In Australia, I’m guessing. Mites have been a big problem with the whole colony collapse issue. So you have to watch your bee health. And I use, you know, natural remedies like juniper and things like that, if I feel that my bees are getting sick, but it is. They’re a great indicator of what’s happening in the world around us. And they, you know, and they’ll either like you or they don’t.

My bees love me. They know me. They tolerate my dog, barely. But, you know, there have been a couple people that have come over and, you know, they’ll get. And a bee will fly right and bonk him in the face. And that’s kind of a warning. Stand back. We don’t want you near our hive. They won’t sting, but they will dive bomb you if you don’t like you.

[00:40:22] Speaker B: What does it. What does that say about that person?

[00:40:24] Speaker A: Right? What does that say? I mean, at the very least, they’re probably nervous and. And radiating that nervousness about being near a beehive.

[00:40:34] Speaker B: Right.

[00:40:35] Speaker A: But sometimes, you know, they’re not nervous. And I have to wonder, okay, what’s really going on here?

[00:40:41] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. That’s totally.

[00:40:42] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah.

[00:40:45] Speaker B: But obviously, they’re tuned in to that person and said, well, no, we don’t want them around.

[00:40:49] Speaker A: Yeah, we don’t want them.

[00:40:55] Speaker B: So we’re coming towards the end of the show now. Bertie, what do you want to share with people that you think might be relevant for their lives right now that will assist them in getting through the coming changes that we’re going through?

[00:41:10] Speaker A: Yeah. This is a. We live on an absolutely incredible planet. Planet. And we are way more than what we think we are. We have incredible abilities of, you know, not just compassion and empathy and understanding and being able to learn all kinds of cool things, but we have abilities to reach our minds out, have awareness of things that are much greater than who we are as an individual, collectively. We have incredible strength and beauty. And if you’ve had any kind of unusual experience, whether it’s UFO sighting, like I had those two times when I was young, or maybe you’ve seen a ghost or a bigfoot, or you’ve just felt a presence. Just know that you are not alone. This is very common in the human experience. And just from talking to so many people over the years, I think that it’s more common than it is uncommon. I think most of us have, if not all of us have had some kind of amazing experience. It’s illustrated this to us. So be. Be confident in what you’ve experienced.

[00:42:23] Speaker B: Brilliant. Thank you so much.

[00:42:25] Speaker A: Thank you so much.

[00:42:26] Speaker B: How can people find you and learn more about your UFO group?

[00:42:31] Speaker A: Yeah, we are at a b q for Albuquerque UFO’s dot, and we have. Everyone anywhere is welcome to join us. We do a lot of online things, zooms and other kinds of meetings online live streams where you can get in the live chat and ask questions of our guests. So come on in, join us. And we’re really happy to meet all kinds of cool people out there. So enjoy.

[00:43:03] Speaker B: Excellent, excellent. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate the time you shared with me and the listeners and your information that you shared as well and your understanding. So, yeah, thanks again, Birdie, thank you so much.

[00:43:15] Speaker A: Thank you.

[00:43:17] Speaker B: All right, I’ll say goodbye to the listeners.

[00:43:20] Speaker A: Okay.

[00:43:23] Speaker B: That was a great episode with Birdie. She’s done some really good things there with the UFO group, and sure, that’s helping a lot of people. And her unique understanding of bees is very touching as well. So if you’ve enjoyed today’s show and you think somebody should hear it and you’d love to share it, please do share it to one person. That would really help. And if you’re on YouTube, remember to like and subscribe, as they say, and that’d be great. And until next episode, bye for now.

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