Your Interview Is Scheduled!

Your Interview Is Scheduled!

Your interview is now scheduled and I’ve just got an email about that and I’ll be air punching because I love doing this and talking to amazing people.

Some key points to consider before the interview…

This is recorded on video and audio, I aim to have the highest quality video and audio so I’m hoping you test your equipment before we go live to save us both time and offer the best quality presentation of your story and ideas.

You’ll get an email now that has all the information you need for the recording.

I do this on Zoom at this point in time so that makes everything super easy.

I often book up to 3 months ahead as I am that busy with recordings so I understand that things come up over time that might clash with the booking you made a little while back.

My calendar service will send you a reminder email at 1 week before the meeting. If at that 1 week reminder you have something that is coming up and need to move your schedule now is the time to do it. You’ll find a re-schedule link in that email. That way someone else can book in that schedule in the meantime.

My calendar service will then send an email at 24 hours before the recording as well to ensure you are ready ready! At that point I’ll have prepared details for the recording including questions and your show page so I’ll be super excited to record with you.

If you have a personal emergency in the meantime and you can’t make it… I understand that life happens.

If after re-scheduling you further miss the re-scheduled time I’ll have to cancel as it costs me recording time that I could be using for others.

If you have a great bio photo that you haven’t sent me yet then please do! I prefer a decent resolution head and shoulders shot. Any background is fine and sometimes I’ll take the background out to keep on brand if it’s too busy. The best place to forward your bio picture to is supernormalized AT

If you aren’t on podmatch and want more interviews here’s a link to get your started:

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Warm regards

CeeJay Barnaby